Use your website to train your staff and customers

From Onboarding and Inductions to Product Knowledge and Sales

  • Custom built e-learning tools for staff training, contractor inductions and student or customer education campaigns
  • Raise awareness of your products and services to improve sales or selection
  • Develop health and safety programs to ensure staff meet minimum criteria and evidence any future audits
  • Online training modules contain digital resources such as: web pages, PDF downloads, photos, diagrams, graphs and video presentations
  • Informal or formal assessments using multiple choice questions and answers with a range of options to measure score or pass rates
  • Qualifying students receive certifications, badges and reports along with logging and advisory comments for further study

We develop customised e-learning tools and resources for commercial offerings or internal human resources applications. Create digital training materials and open to view by general public or private viewing behind a login system. After reviewing study materials assessments will be available to allow students to confirm progress or measure and advice areas for further study. After successfully completing the required assessments trainees will receive certification or qualify for induction. Online training can optionally be added to your physical face to face training, events or presentations allowing you to collect otherwise anonymous information and report on success rates, collect useful customer contact details or areas for staff development.