What we do and how we do it

At SweetIP, we pride ourselves on giving honest, reliable information and advice,
Our approach is to cut out as much paperwork as we can and retain some degree of flexibility through the process.
We avoid detailed and lengthy generic contracts upfront but retain enough documentation and technical specs to ensure everyone understands the key deliverables and milestones as they relate to your project. This is an inclusive process and involves us taking the time to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve online.
We discuss what you need, propose a plan and budget, and outline key features and requirements.
Once you decide to proceed we begin the build process and commit to delivering your solution with minimal fuss. You are included in key milestones so you can track progress, choose appropriate options and approve visuals or wire-frames right from the start.
Ultimately we are judged on how our work helps your business perform - we are here to help and we think we can make a difference.
We have a suite of turnkey systems that help you get started, and as you move through the gears we can talk you through the steps to make sure your online presence keeps up with your business requirements.